Kathy's Song by Simon & Garfunkel


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"My thoughts are many miles away. They lie with you when you're asleep, and kiss you when you start your day."

vanilla30606 10 Mar 2014

/ I know that I am like the rain /

mtadkins 9 Mar 2014

My mind's distracted and diffused My thoughts are many miles away   1

lisaphillips 13 Dec 2012

And as I watch the drops of rain... weave their weary paths and die. I know that I am like the rain... there but for the grace of you, go I.

spettis109 13 Apr 2014

i stand alone without beliefs the only truth i know is you   1

leighalexander 17 Dec 2013

The answer is in the song such a beautiful song Good night and Sweet Dreams

pooblemoo 21 Apr 2014