Old Friends/Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel


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but summerl was first  

Old friends........what a time it was.........preserve your memories..... Thank you to the TIMJ team for introducing me to some great people and some great music. Big hugs to you and to all my fellow Jammers. xxx  #finaljam   23

heatherrings 25 Sep 2015

I forget how much Paul Simon likes to be funny. Charles Grodin!

summerl 17 Jan 2014

This song feels to me like an old friend...At the end of the song they sing 'Preserve your memories /They’re all that's left you" So many Jammers feel to me like old friends now. I've only been on TIMJ for 3 & two thirds years but it's been great! I was slow at the start to follow people & was amazed when people started to follow me & comment on my Jams. I am surprised by the many facets of each persons collective Jams. How by sharing music my personal tastes & opinions of genre or groups have changed. All of you here at TIMJ have helped me change,to grow & evolve musically & personally.I realized music is such an integral part of who we are...of our lives. Thank you fellow Jammers. To the people who envisioned it, built it & administered TIMJ Thanks. I'm sad that TIMJ is closing but am thankful that what we have created...so many memories, some Fabulous playlists, terrific commentary & friendships will have an archive that we can return to for visits. #GoodbyeJams   26

marissapicone 1 Sep 2015

Special dedication to my pal @briannaughton7, who retired (early) yesterday from work. Bat out of Hell may have been more appropriate but this is nicer....   2

grumpy 29 Mar 2014