Black Boys On Mopeds by Sinéad O'Connor

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The Baltimore #freddiegray depraved heart homicide charges & so many other recent police wrongs reminded me of this great protest song by Sinead.

markjurva 2 May 2015

This song came to mind after all the recent shootings and racial unrest...

stiofandafyyd 20 Mar 2015

I read the New Yorker piece on Sinead last night, and this has been in my head ever since.... in about 7th grade, I think, this was one of my favourite songs. My brother had introduced me to this album, this song in particular, and I would sit in my room and play this on my crappy acoustic and sing my heart out.... To me, it was one of the most brilliant pieces of music I had ever heard. (it still is)

deliriumsfrogs 6 Nov 2014

Can't get this out of my head for some reason.

kellysue 12 Feb 2015