I Wish by Skee-Lo

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but radioedit was first  

This was on @laurenlaverne's show this morning; I had to stop and listen on my way out the door to work!   9

Han 19 Jul 2012

Ahh. The 90s. This just makes me smile.

alexlakey 5 Apr 2015

Some pure sunny day tuneage for a #FunkyFriday.

crawtonleek 3 Jul 2015

Hey, I wish I had my way, cuz everyday would be a Friday and you could even speed on the highway.   1

dylan.todd 17 Aug 2012

I've got love for the one hit wonders. "I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller / Wish I had a girl with a good -- I would call her."

afangman1 21 May 2015