18 and Life by Skid Row

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Here's one from one of the only Skid Row albums I actually liked.   5

metallicagirl 10 Dec 2014

For my stepson Zach

RobVertrees 15 Feb 2012

Back from christmas holidays with this   3

eronxiii 9 Jan 2014

Some of my favorite songs from A to Z. Skid Row's second album is really their masterpiece, but the first one evokes the strongest sense memories for me. This song takes me back!

vincelocke7 31 May 2015

#songswithnumbers 18. 18 and Life, Skid Row. I have always loved this song and this video from the moment I first knew about it. Wonderful song, I think Skid Row is on of the most underrated bands of the 90s   6

maodiver 20 Feb 2015

Classic! Unlike "Youth Gone Wild", I still feel this one, now I'm in my thirties.

Saygah 6 Sep 2014