Hero by Skillet


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For a little guy whose birthday is today and loves spiderman and heavy music   4

paz99 21 Oct 2014

"I've gotta fight today To live another day Speakin' my mind today (My voice will be heard today)"

Mocharaid 29 Jun 2015

I like this song very much, but i didn't really knew the lyric that much, but i do now :D

MikkelPsyko 5 Sep 2012

Jam of the Day: 6th of March 2015. Also check out the Legion of Doom remix when you have the chance.

GenZMetalhead 5 Mar 2015

Pff !! Rolazaaa !! #Skillet

Cesarivera 20 Jun 2014

Everyone needs a Hero

SrkiPFK 12 Apr 2014