“Timeless. Wishing everyone well. <3”

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Timeless. Wishing everyone well. <3   1

sunmarsh 30 Aug 2015

this song is pretty bullshit compared to everything on night time my time, but im kinda feelin it ngl

NoahHafford 18 May 2014

"It's about that point where you don't feel anything—you don't feel happy, you don't feel sad but you want to feel something. It's a situation I was in and I think everyone's been in. There's always someone in a relationship who wants more attention and starts trying too hard to please the other person. The thing is, the more you try to please that person, the less effort they make because they know you'll do anything they want. It's that stage I'm singing about on 'One'."

olympicmew 20 Oct 2014

Sigue siendo igual de genial que hace 3 años y medio. #SkyFerreira #One

sxnti 28 Feb 2014

I will never not love this song. "One" by Sky Ferreira.

electr1cpanda 5 Dec 2013

Forever and always, one of my favorite #pop songs. If there's #One song that I believe should be kept in a modern art museum for people to admire, it's this one. The lyrics, the video, the production, the melody. It absolutely awes me. #skyferreira

gocarlosgo1 8 Oct 2013