Can't You See by Skylar Spence


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"Slowed some music down and called myself an artist"

mbmelodies 13 Aug 2015

...and i feel like i could dance forever

Cloudfill 18 Jun 2015

Given that I'm going to see Skylar Spence in July, it does my heart warm to know that this is his new direction. "Can't You See" is him being the most confident in his lyricism, with little references to his Saint Pepsi days thrown throughout. "Slowed some music down and called myself an artist", "I felt glory that day, in a dorian way", "I kept on sinning but I felt like a saint". That's beyond clever; that's acknowledging that he is still the same guy with a new coat of paint. Kept rocking, man. Lord knows you're doing it right now.

DanielSmith1 16 Jun 2015

this is your new summer jam. this is the next big thing. get hipster, y'all.

jto23h 16 Jun 2015

Skylar Spence has a new song! squeeeeeeeee

robey 7 Jul 2015