Run Runaway by Slade

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Heard this for the first time in eons yesterday. It was like reconnecting with an old friend.

Thrashbrowns 21 Aug 2015

"So, Nod, I've got this new song that sounds a bit like Big Country." "But louder, Jim?" "Yes, Nod. Much louder."   1

thomasoshea 10 Mar 2014

"See there chameleon Lying there in the sun All things to everyone Run run away"

capecodcyclist 23 Feb 2012

Oh, the catchy 80's. These guys were huge in Europe.   2

darkphoenix 28 Dec 2013

Wakey Wakey Everybody!!!

GillW 16 May 2015

Dunno why but this one always Brings the smiles & sing alongs Good Morning XXXX

pooblemoo 3 Feb 2015