Run Runaway by Slade

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Just because I heard it on the radio this morning and it made me happy.   2

kayejazz 9 Jan 2015

Oh, the catchy 80's. These guys were huge in Europe.   2

darkphoenix 28 Dec 2013

"See there chameleon Lying there in the sun All things to everyone Run run away"

capecodcyclist 23 Feb 2012

#22 in my CD collection. From Wall of hits.   1

rexter42 13 Jul 2012

"So, Nod, I've got this new song that sounds a bit like Big Country." "But louder, Jim?" "Yes, Nod. Much louder."   1

thomasoshea 10 Mar 2014

Wakey Wakey Everybody!!!

GillW 16 May 2015