Surface Envy by Sleater-Kinney

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but brandenp was first  

Damn.... This album just comes at you from the start. Nice heavy guitar of Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker, with the smooth rhythem and pulsating sound of Janet Weiss on drums. Just kick ass, rocking out with everything out tunes. The vocals provided by Brownstein and Tucker were, "The Shit". Taking us on a no holds bar journey through the tells of nigthmares, taking the power, kicking ass, and for get you douche bag your not worth my time awesomeness. Must listen

Jamesdudebrah 20 May 2015

Can't stop listening to SK's new album, difficult to pick a track from it as they're all so good. No more albums need to get released this year, AOTY is sorted already. Except for Tame Impala, METZ, Chromatics & Deafheaven. And new guys like that Shamir. Does Black Messiah still count? Ok keep releasing stuff then   6

mjgBZ32 10 Jan 2015

A good week already as I'm seeing SK tonight and also my home town was voted 'most desirable postcode in the UK'! Not that I did anything to help. Or that it's actually true   5

mjgBZ32 24 Mar 2015

@OceZerbini Celle-là.

foxhouet 22 Apr 2015

Classic SK formula, still works.

snbutler 28 Mar 2015

Dear SXSWers, you're all on the wrong continent, because Sleater-Kinney is playing Berlin tonight. And Pins are opening...   4

thisismymistake 18 Mar 2015