Turn It On by Sleater‐Kinney

“"I could not stand up."”

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"I could not stand up."

mrshl 14 Jan 2015

Haven't got into the new LP so really hoping for some Dig Me Out/Hot Rock/All Hands era songs tomorrow night!

JoeMacare 17 Feb 2015

Voted in a Sleater-Kinney poll recently and forgot this, despite it being one of the hottest songs ever

stadiumhouse 1 May 2014

It's just that when you touched me. I could not stand up.

mathjohnson 30 Nov 2012

Best show, best album!

Adarene 9 May 2015

Not sure if those are actual handclaps on the chorus or if that's just the power of Janet Weiss but, regardless: jam.

hartwill 26 Feb 2014