Good Morning, Captain by Slint


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The ending of this song is transcendent. So grateful to the friend who introduced me to this band.

leastfixedpoint 3 Aug 2015

A personal favourite. I'm sure I'm not the only one   6

mjgBZ32 14 Sep 2014

This week, I have mostly been enjoying Spiderland. It's an absolutely incredible sound to behold. Nothing like it first time around.   2

GSA219 21 Dec 2014

i've posted this a zillion times before (because of the magic of what happens around 3m40s and then the end of course), but we just came back from seeing the slint documentary and i really enjoyed it, especially the bits of them coming together to gestate and record spiderland (there's a bit about how emotionally taxing doing the vocals was at the end of this one and then it just plays that part of the song and ahhh).   1

ifjuly 23 May 2014

It just makes me shiver.   15

Bukowski 1 Jun 2015

A dark, seamy groove. Perfect for digging into metadata work on a Sunday afternoon.

JohnnyG 6 Jan 2013