Duality by Slipknot

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but ScottReid was first  

This song was awesome live last night

mr_andy_c 17 Jan 2015

In honour of last nights festivities with Laura

DapperChapper 17 Jan 2015

I push my finger in to my...... Best Slipknot song EVER!! Enjoy!!   5

Metaldalz 23 Jun 2014

Ummm, anyone who's seen this band knows this video is how a mosh pit is at a Slipknot show!

mmooseman777 17 Mar 2014

Teenage Emma feels.

undividual 14 May 2015

To all my fellow freaks, geeks, weirdos, misfits & outcasts. I dedicate this jam to all of you. We are legion. Have a great week, everyone.

DrMartin 8 Dec 2014