Complete Surrender by Slow Club

“Me he rendido completamente a esta canción.”

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but gemtriesharder was first  

Me he rendido completamente a esta canción.

vivoenlaerapop 21 Jul 2014

Stoked for this new album.

pjohnkeane 8 Jul 2014

Tell you what, Slow Club were brilliant last night.   2

McKelvie 15 Jul 2014

Brilliant. This is the soundtrack to the film I would like my life to be (as opposed to the one that it really is, which I suspect is soundtracked by Roger Whittaker and The Wurzels)

craigjohnson75 9 Apr 2014

Track Of The Day (& new video):   2

QMagazine 7 Apr 2014

Angus & Julia Stone were getting alot of love, so I decided to leave it up for a couple of extra days but its now time to move on.... Because at 8 in my Top 10 Albums of 2014 we have Slow Club - Complete Surrender! Slow Club first came on my radar when they brought out second album 'Paradise' and more specifically their song 'Two Cousins', which I loved alot. Now this, their third album shows how much they have grown since then, building on all the things they did well, the lyrics, the harmonies and polished it all off with an overall more mature sound that has many soul and motown influences behind it. For me its a winner! Standout songs: Complete Surrender, Tears of Joy, Not Mine to Love   5

DownRabbitHole 9 Dec 2014