Hot Fun In The Summertime by Sly & The Family Stone

“I can't believe it's really August already...”

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I can't believe it's really August already...

sleepingmermaid 2 Aug 2015

The harmonies on these guys! never fails to get me there.   5

queenofcups 22 Aug 2012

The #1 summer song

JLSinc 1 Jul 2015

This lovely little antidote to the grim weather has just popped up on the office stereo.   1

itinerantgeoff 29 Jan 2014

"I cloud 9 when I want to ... " One of my all-time fave summer jams by one of my all-time fave bands.

eljefe54 21 Jul 2015

A song from my childhood to help remind myself there will once again be a time without snow. As a child, my father's reluctance to listen to anything but oldies was frustrating. As an adult, I am so grateful to him for exposing me to all of the music of the 50's, 60's, and 70's. I got to grow up with the best music from both his and my generations.

alyssamwbc 8 Feb 2014