If You Want Me To Stay by Sly & The Family Stone


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but ohryankelley was first  

The kind of person you really are now.

BoldAsLov3 28 Aug 2015

Listened to Fresh for the first time in years last weekend. Great album #funkyfriday   5

tomdwilly 26 Jul 2013

I would have posted 'Frisky' but can't find a link that works.

exliontamer 27 Aug 2015

When you lose an amazing bass player like Larry Graham, make sure you find an amazing bass player like Rustee Allen...   8

newley 18 Jan 2014

Last ever TIMJ #FunkyFriday & what better ending than Sly? My boy just bought himself a bass guitar & has been practicing this all evening. And yes I do want you to stay, ah well...   5

Wildstyle77 24 Sep 2015

Love this song, and I want you guys to stay #lastjamdamn

Japhrodisiac 24 Sep 2015