Que Sera Sera by Sly & the Family Stone


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Theme: The Future See that woman there? That's Rose Stone, of Sly and the Family Stone. On their masterpiece "Fresh" Sly handed the vocals of this song to her and she turned in a slow funk masterpiece. She rips the sultry from the original and croons like a mama to a daughter. It's a near perfect revision.

Mercurywaxing 12 Jun 2014

There should be a very sad version with a thin, fragile vocal. May have to get on that

theBees 1 Feb 2015

Are we still here? #lastjam #whateverwillbewillbe   5

timmytherube 20 Sep 2015

The most soulful & bluesy version of this. The wah-wah solo is divine. #soul #funk

MaSenn 2 Jul 2015

#Love the groove

imontome 10 May 2013