All Your Women Things by Smog


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but irregulara was first  

literally bludgeon my head with an item.

TB_Love 7 Nov 2014

Why couldn't I have loved you this tenderly when you were here?

KatrienMeermans 31 Aug 2013

The thought of your name still makes me weak in the knees   2

disusered 22 May 2013

Lugubrious Bill Callahan is broken-hearted

Mnemosene 22 Sep 2012

R was talking about young (as in old, ha) Smog and it reminded me of this song, aaand we were just talking the other day about artistic expression that's both "wrong"/creepy/kind of awful when considered coolly and whatnot, but nonetheless worthwhile or "true" or whatever, messy (Cassavetes!). And not for the sake of tired contrarianism or to get a rise or whatever. So uh, yeah.

ifjuly 29 Dec 2014


disusered 14 Dec 2013