The Tears of a Clown by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

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A lively bit of soul for today

GSA219 30 Jul 2015

Still perfect.

shakeymike 20 Apr 2015

Rewind to the Seventies! Anything from 1969 to 1980 appears here - this is #MotownWeek.......   11

leejohnson 30 Sep 2013

My friend Helias RIP once told me that he thought this was the greatest song ever recorded. He may be right.   1

Smellyrebel 26 Jan 2012

I remember playing this on vinyl in the 70s as a child #motownweek   8

alan_edmonds 30 Sep 2013

Smokey's best hits are all happy songs about being sad.   7

flaneur 20 Jan 2012