The Diamond Sea by Sonic Youth


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I'm in the mood for this long-player classic right now.   7

Section42L 26 Nov 2014

So many days on BART, listening to my iPod and staring out at the scenery...

summerei 20 Jan 2015

Good morning! If you ask me, it's never too early for 20 minutes of fuzz and feedback. Go get 'em!

ashowpony 26 Mar 2015

A looong number by my favourite band, to watch TIMJ dissolve in an ocean of noise.

JohnRoux 26 Sep 2015

my fave sonic youth song. this is the shortened five minute version but the original 20 minute version is truly the bee's knees (if you have the patience for it).

ninjalovechild 3 Feb 2015

Long Jam number 5 is "The Diamond Sea" by Sonic Youth.   4

AndyWilkinson 4 Feb 2014