I Love You All by Soronprfbs

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Soronprfbs is fictional band from movie 'Frank'. This song is played and sang by actors starring in this movie, Michael Fassbender and Carla Azar, and composer Stephen Rennicks. Soronprfbs band consist of Frank - Michael Fassbender (vocal), Clara - Maggie Gyllenhaal (theramin), Nana - Carla Azar (drums), Baraque - François Civil (bass guitar), @JonBurroughs83 - Domhnall Gleeson (keys). #soronprfbs #frank #frankfilm #findfrank   1

jullicanif 16 Jul 2014

"I love your wall."

adamcadwell 13 May 2014

"Put your arms around me, fiddly digits, itchy britches, I love you all."

bensonmic 13 May 2014

Frank is an odd piece of work. Touching, jarring, funny, melancholy - much like the song that it ends on.   2

crawtonleek 23 Mar 2015

Finally saw FRANK. How could "I Love You All" by Soronprfbs not be my new jam?

CaptFuzz 28 Aug 2014

Frank is my Grease / Rocky Horror. Fassbender, Gyllenhaal and co. SMASHING IT.

gavindbennett 30 May 2014