Female Of The Species by Space

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Electronic marimbas and alternative Robert Palmer girls. Must be the 90s.

twittyofsin 23 Feb 2012

Music of Summers Past: I have this memory of talking with my friend in her car after watching the Howard Stern movie (yawn) and having this song come on. The Hale-Bopp Comet was hanging around in the night sky behind us. Maybe it's not a song I need to listen to often, but when I hear it I conjure up the way I felt at that time and place.

bingsy22 13 Jul 2013

Kind of a one hit wonder, but what a great pop tune. It's got the hook, the latin, jazzy (are they marimbas?) keys in the intro and the solo, and at 3 minutes and change it just leaves you wanting that wee bit more...Jam It!   10

cbinseoul 15 Feb 2015


juffery 26 Mar 2015

Putting this one on my #karaoke list.

GladRacks 25 Nov 2014