Moustache by Sparks

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The stonkingest tunes. The cleverest words. Sparks are awesome.   2

bushdodger 1 Oct 2014

The only time I feel bad is when they guess the lunch I've had.

dylan.todd 17 Sep 2014

A Sparks classic to celebrate Movember... "Women flirt and you can bet they like that tickle that they get."   1

FredSpoons 28 Oct 2012

An important subject treated with subtlety

joh 9 May 2013

Best band in the universe yadda yadda yadda Most influential band in the universe yadda yadda yadda Hilarious, wonderful, stupid, brilliant, bands band all the usual hyperbole. But I'm not wrong. You are. And your mother. Moustache. On my mind as I'm about to make some moustache wax. And beard oil.

attacksquid 22 Jun 2014

They call me sir, and that ain't bad.

twinfountain 13 Sep 2012