Goodbye Girl by Squeeze

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She said, "I hardly know you". Agreed we kissed good night.

FortunesSon 19 Sep 2014

At their best, Squeeze provided quirky suburban narratives for the disillusioned. Much of their output crept under the mainstream radar, issued on wacky coloured 7 inch vinyls - ideal for the record collector on a budget. If not for this alone, Chris and Glenn - we salute you.

itsFuzzyfm 15 Jan 2015

For various reasons, this has been in my head for about the last fortnight. Cracking song.

jonemmins 31 Jan 2012

Off to Harlow tonight to see Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze. Hope he plays this one.   13

AndyWilkinson 18 May 2014

Album: Cool for Cats / Year: 1979 #454   2

mondosalvo 8 Dec 2014

Saw Difford and Tilbrook on their "At Odds Couple" tour last night in Newcastle. Excellent stuff and great to hear their voices together again. They were taking questions from the audience and someone asked Glenn: "about Goodbye Girl and the Muppet Show, did you not realise when you were writing it?". I'd no idea what he was on about until they played it, and yes, it is the Muppet theme. Anyway - a few dates left:   2

riddsteve 14 Nov 2014