Hourglass by Squeeze

“Squeeze should have written a song called Charmin”

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Squeeze should have written a song called Charmin

xerexes 28 Jan 2013

Ok, can't find a version of the video that works on here so have this version from Letterman instead...   6

Brownpants 1 May 2013

Difford wrote the lyrics. Tilbrook wrote the tunes.#underrated

boredofthis 11 Apr 2014

The song my IPod played as our amber was finished brewing. Part of my montage of the Police, Joy Division, INXS, and other late 70's and 80's today.

aliaclevenger 2 Nov 2013

Grantwriting: "Take it to the bridge. Throw it overboard. See if it can swim. Back up to the shore."

sdshea 6 Jul 2014

"No one's in the house, everyone is out. All the lights are on and the blinds are down."

wedge 17 Jan 2012