Huey Newton by St. Vincent

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#Top31Tracksof2014: Most of us are in agreement, I assume, that one of 2014's very best albums was Annie Clark's fourth album proper under the "St. Vincent" name. The eponymous album stripped everything back to reveal her art-pop centre and very confrontational new persona, loading the album with direct, hook-filled, and lyrically incisive pop songs that, in a just world, would have catapulted her into the mainstream. But the song that ended up on my Best Tracks of 2014 countdown is "Huey Newton" for reasons that will be abundantly clear to anybody who knows me, and for those that don't by about the 2:38 mark. #bestof2014   3

CallumPetch 20 Jan 2015

The whole album is start-to-finish great, but that guitar break at 2:39 is something else, entirely. She's just the best.   3

staticstudios 6 Apr 2014

A high point on an album of high points. St Vincent is cooler than everyone   1

AdlaiM 6 Jul 2015

Off to London for a few days and then moving back into my uni flat. Back on Monday! In the meanwhile: one of my favourite songs of the year so far!   3

CallumPetch 25 Sep 2014

Also great live!

thomsonyeh 30 Apr 2014

Ahh, Annie Clark, I am utterly smitten <3   4

silvershroud 5 Mar 2014