The Strangers by St. Vincent


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St. Vincent– more like BAEnt Vincent. Seriously, I've loved everything she's ever done– and last year's "St. Vincent" was my favorite album of the year. This song is fucking awesome and I've been basically listening to it on repeat for the past few days.

ArdenJurskis 8 Feb 2015

I always think of thanksgiving when I think of this song.   1

tunnelblankets 28 Nov 2013

beware the ear worm in this. paint the black hole blacker.

boredofthis 23 May 2014

A few nights ago I finally got to see Annie in the flesh. I told myself that I'd try to stay (reasonably) calm and not have a complete fanboy moment...Let's just say I ended up with my hand on her stomach and even had a quick of strum her guitar.. ;D   11

lukestevo26 27 Aug 2014

This is such a good song, I'll stop speaking to you if you don't like it.

BunchOfSteve 17 Jun 2014