The Touch by Stan Bush

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“Going out on my eternal jam. It's been fun!”

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Going out on my eternal jam. It's been fun!

vincelocke7 16 Sep 2015

Remember when Optimus Prime came crashing through the Decepticons, then transformed, launching himself into the air and taking out half the Decepticon army in mid-air? That was awesome!

ahonderd 9 Nov 2014

Getting a little help powering through the day with a "no apologies" track from my youth.

sweeter 12 Mar 2013

Not the Dirk Diggler version.

thepeopleseason 17 Mar 2015

Start the new year by reminding yourself how amazing you are.

R0mination 31 Dec 2014

And finally, here's my eternal jam, the most awesomest song ever of all time!   2

vincelocke7 21 Jul 2015