In The Army Now by Status Quo


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The return of 1986!

tjehan 2 Apr 2012

Dear beloved TIMJ peeps, it's been a while i couldn't log on and thus no new jams have been updated. But this jam will be the literal for my life as of today since I am to conduct military service (air force)due to mandatory situations in my country. That means i will be away from here and on internet in general from today on. Love y'all and cheers :)   11

timmytauri 13 Aug 2013

"You've got your orders, better shoot on sight / Your finger's on the trigger but it don't seem right."

springof68 21 Aug 2014

Tomorrow i'm heading to serve in the greek army, as every man has to in my country. What the hell, it's only 8 months.

dekylgrmf 7 Sep 2015