Do It Again by Steely Dan


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#bandnameorigins  number 6 Steely Dan - Although the band likes to say that the name relates more to a "rebel spirit" they can not hide the fact that the name comes from the William Burroughs Novel "Naked Lunch" more specifically a dildo..not just any dildo a giant steam powered one...They Didn't believe they would last longer than three months like most bands in those days and since they needed a name in a hurry and had a fondness for that particular author, we get Steely Dan...One of the earlier band names "The Leather Canary" featured a drummer named Chevy Chase who went on to SNL fame and then became the bitter old man on the American TV show Community. They were also known as "The Bad Rock Group" and the "Fagen Jazz Trio"...   15

SheRa 1 Jun 2015

I may have to do this one again.

toby 21 Feb 2012

My theme this week #samenamedifferentsong is inspired by Röyksopp & Robyn's #doitagain.   3

daftmonk 11 Jun 2014

always loved the intro to this...   5

DavidAnderson 10 Aug 2014