Kid Charlemagne (Live) by Steely Dan

“The kid!”

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The kid!

advertisingweek 27 May 2014

I dunno. *I* hear a funk-flavored Philip K. Dick ballad about a William S. Burroughs superhero, but I also believe Tasha Lem is River Song and the Papal Mainframe is the Library gone walkabout.

batmasterson 11 Apr 2014

Is there gas in the car? Yes, there's gas in the car. @SteelyDanSays "Kid Charlemagne" @VH1 Storytellers, 2000. Jon Herington on guitar. Enjoy!   9

kzone8 11 Jun 2014

Is there gas in the car ? Yes there's gas in the car. Happy 67th birthday to @SteelyDanSays! "Kid Charlemagne" w/ Jon Herington on guitar, Tom Barney on bass & Ricky Lawson on drums @VH1Storytellers.   3

kzone8 10 Jan 2015