Kid Charlemagne (Live) by Steely Dan

“The kid!”

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The kid!

advertisingweek 27 May 2014

Is there gas in the car ? Yes there's gas in the car. Happy 67th birthday to @SteelyDanSays! "Kid Charlemagne" w/ Jon Herington on guitar, Tom Barney on bass & Ricky Lawson on drums @VH1Storytellers.   3

kzone8 10 Jan 2015

Is there gas in the car? Yes, there's gas in the car. @SteelyDanSays "Kid Charlemagne" @VH1 Storytellers, 2000. Jon Herington on guitar. Enjoy!   9

kzone8 11 Jun 2014

I dunno. *I* hear a funk-flavored Philip K. Dick ballad about a William S. Burroughs superhero, but I also believe Tasha Lem is River Song and the Papal Mainframe is the Library gone walkabout.

batmasterson 11 Apr 2014