Jenny and the Ess-Dog by Stephen Malkmus

“Magnificent short story in song.”

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Magnificent short story in song.   1

danrebellato 2 Sep 2013

From out of nowhere, I was taken by a sudden urge today to listen to this song.

melvillean 16 Mar 2013

This is easily the most heartbreaking song I have. What a crushing, sad song.

andre 27 Dec 2011

Just in the mood for some Malkmus today.   4

sevin 19 Jun 2013

Malkmus was great last night he encores with this.   1

pablotrivia 17 Jan 2014

Today's principal feeling is GUILT at abandoning Stephen Malkmus after his first album, which was great, so yah boo sucks to me and off I go for a CATCH UP.

Sarah 15 Oct 2013