Copperhead Road by Steve Earle

“Never get tired of playing this tune .”

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Never get tired of playing this tune .   2

Solmask 26 Feb 2014

Hot dang do I love this song. This is serious Friday music.   2

edlweiss1 6 Feb 2015

The song that got me into Steve Earle many years ago. Unfortunately the video is a little out of synch with the song.   5

AndyWilkinson 11 Apr 2015

How can Letterman always have such great sound and SNL suck so badly. Prince was good though.

sciencegrrl 28 Nov 2014

Got drunk on kareoke night in pub & sang this.

francineshounds 16 Dec 2014

Much respect for the Earle.   9

BertrandRustles 2 Aug 2014