“It's #MotownWeek and it's a miracle I could pick just one song.”

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It's #MotownWeek and it's a miracle I could pick just one song.   6

singaboutlove 30 Sep 2013

Some Stevie for this fine Monday morning...   3

ccrosby37 30 Mar 2015

1 year on TIMJ! In 2012 I began with him so every 15 of april will be my Wonder's Day. Thank You Everybody!   27

MyBlueElephant 15 Apr 2013

The songs this week are all dedicated to you lot, my friends. I just hope you like them. #DedicatedToMyFriends   10

jovisgoesnuts 18 Feb 2014

The year was 1976... I was living in a pretty tough area of town..life was a bit rough for this middle schooler..at home and school. There was no safe place..except music.. it was my escape. I saved up all my money and bought Songs In the Key of Life... I knew every word to every song..Stevie was smooth soothing comfort...funky and danceable.. pure joy in a double album.. "As" is my jam..starts out soft and then the tempo picks up.. and towards the end just down dirty and funky...this song made my spirit soar...   10

christineb 22 Aug 2015

Getting me through writing reports...

katymayful 24 Jan 2015