Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder


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Como já admiti minha velhice, tenho tido surtos constantes de nostalgia...well..Higher Ground é um clássico.

angelobmb 8 Dec 2011

possibly overplayed a bit in it's day, but the groove is so hard and relentless, that it actually rocks....   4

roseyrhymes 20 Apr 2015

#FunkyFriday To me one of the coolest songs ever, I have to be honest for many many years I thought this one was a song by the RHCP ( I love their version btw), The video is short , but you can watch the whole show here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPFB-z2ezXk   1

maodiver 25 Jun 2015

Funk friday   2

Ericbforpres 6 Feb 2015

From one of my favourite albums "Innervisions" - I still remember the first time I heard Little Stevie bashing out riffs on the electric piano and I still love it.

spot51 7 Feb 2015