Superstition live on Sesame Street by Stevie Wonder


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but james was first  

#FinalFunkyFriday, and objectively one of the best videos ever...   1

TBBYNH 14 Aug 2015

Inspired by @SheRa,it's time to get funky with #muppetsmusicalguests ..........enjoy this delicious,live rendition!!!   7

BeeBee 29 Oct 2014

The genius doing a little more work on the street. Oh, and @geejaydee, here's that Grover ad-lib you were looking for :)   1

7r0773r 25 May 2013

big bird can't handle the funk   5

andythebassman 28 Jun 2014

More and more of my picks seem to come from Sesame Street.

McCaffertysAK 15 Dec 2014

have to rejam this every once and awhile. so good.

jrasmussen 17 Mar 2015