Uptight by Stevie Wonder


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Somebody yesterday reminded me how great this song is. Also, this live performance makes it a medley with another great song, which is cool.

Atticus064 17 Aug 2014

Happy 65th Birthday to Stevie Wonder!! This video was when he was 16 years old ... wow   7

marissapicone 13 May 2015

It took great restraint not to dance up Holborn escalators today when my iPod played this:

chowders 11 Jan 2013

Clean outta sight! #motown   4

UncannyUK 21 Nov 2014

MY TOP 10 SIXTIES JAMS - 4 of 10. Little Stevie Wonder blows Soul into the stratosphere aged 16. Incredible then, incredible now.   1

The1960s 18 Aug 2015

quite possibly my favorite stevie wonder song. #uptight #showmewhatyougotstevie #musicmonday

iKATx 6 May 2013