Fragile by Sting

“one of my mom's favourites.”

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one of my mom's favourites.   3

ipekblue 26 Aug 2015

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KevinBurrows 28 Apr 2013

At 60 Stevie still has an amazing voice. One of the great musical talents of our time.

deschain 1 Aug 2013

I like the acoustic version on his CD-ROM "All This Time" the best. This version comes close to that one!

theosoontiens 30 Jan 2013

Bo11: I never expected to see & hear this magnificent version Fragile. This performance makes clear Sting speaks in world language, an icon of worldwide renown achieved with an utter simplicity and naked honesty. And there he is in a fantastic concert hall surrounded by the world's very best musicians. Enthralling watching

restless941 6 Dec 2013

Truly magical.

marisozo 14 May 2014