Goshen '97 by Strand of Oaks

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markcmphillips 20 Sep 2014

"Before I was fat drunk and mean / Everything still lied ahead"

blakegli 22 Jul 2015

One of my favorite performances from #motmkc this year.

nartan 18 May 2015

I can relate. This song brings me back to my teens. (but i still wouldn't go back)

GarretsmthSmith 7 Jan 2015

10 Days of Christmas and all that jazz... #singinpumpkinsinthemirror indeed.

astiocles 21 Dec 2014

From Strand of Oaks "Heal". Quite possibly my favorite album of 2014. Which reminds me, I gotta post my yearly top 20. #favorite #nowplaying

indietunes 15 Dec 2014