Decatur, Or, Round Of Applause For Your Stepmother! by Sufjan Stevens

“we go riding on the abolition grain train (what a year)”

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we go riding on the abolition grain train (what a year)   1

rachelmoskowitz 15 May 2013

The prettiest rhyming scheme.

edburness 16 Apr 2013

This song appeared on Sufjan Stevens' 2005 mega-hit Illinois. Perhaps the oddest mention in the song concerns a "chicken-mobile" which, citizens of the town of Decatur will tell you, is the vehicle of choice for the owner of a hamburger joint that seems well visited by mainstays of the city. Even individuals who once resided in Decatur have revisited the burger joint upon returning to town. However, since the town lacks a bookstore and a music store, return visits for many, are few and far between.   2

AheadByEcho 21 Feb 2015

♫Stephen A Douglas was a great debater, but Abraham Lincoln was the Great Emancipator♫. @sufjanstevens, still so good!

rickvug 21 Apr 2014

who doesn't love lincoln/douglas debate references?

mar_larn 23 Feb 2012

This song is awesome for so many reasons, but the biggest one for me is the epic ability to rhyme so many things with "Decatur."

smeador 24 Oct 2013