I Walked by Sufjan Stevens


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Lover, will you look at me now?/I'm already dead to you/but I'm inclined to explain/what I could not before/Whatever you didn't do, what you couldn't say/I am sorry that the worst has arrived/for I deserve more/for at least I deserve the respect of a kiss goodbye

misandrist 6 Jul 2015


aliou 19 Dec 2014

#WorldCup jam no. 10: IRAN, one step up from "I Walked"   2

TBBYNH 21 Jun 2014

This song is beautifully tragic.

amercado 15 Aug 2014

idk why i ever even bother putting other musicians as my jams when sufjan is truly 98% of what i listen to

HayleyLeier 16 Nov 2014

For a good person.

violetotter 6 Aug 2014