Impossible Soul by Sufjan Stevens


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Can't get enough of this guy these days. I'm not a fan of the autotune section, but that's fine. All these strange sounds, and all it does is add to the beauty.

James123456 24 Feb 2015

23 minutes of jammery   1

Matts.Gravy 21 Nov 2012

Here's my jam: Sufjan Stevens' "Impossible Soul". 24 minutes of wonder and beauty.

espylaub 29 Sep 2014

This service is closing down tomorrow, so this is my last jam. I went with a song that covers then entire gamut of human emotion and at least four different musical genres. Sure it's pretty long, but listening to it right until the end is well worth it. #onelastjam

joe_stone 25 Sep 2015

Ok so it's a long one, but I think it's worth 25 minutes or so of anybody's time.   5

bekki.bemrose 21 Dec 2012

My burden is the weight of a feather.

adie 16 Jun 2015