Jacksonville by Sufjan Stevens

“Lo-fi lovelyness from Sufjan. It's just so darn good.”

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Lo-fi lovelyness from Sufjan. It's just so darn good.

billythepost 4 Jun 2015

Thanks again 6Music :)   1

Chiser99 10 Sep 2013

Such a beautiful song, building to an ecstatic climax of strings,horns, banjo and guitars. This is what your ears were made for. #beautiful #sufjan

davew1968 19 Jul 2015

Andrew Jackson. 7th US president. Star of the twenty dollar bill. Faced down the British in New Orleans. Killed a man in a duel. Owned a profanity-spewing parrot. Can now be found haunting Daniel Day Lewis, whispering "Where's MY fucking film?"   3

crawtonleek 19 Aug 2013

Pure genius!   1

leesomers75 9 Jan 2013