No Shade in the Shadow of The Cross by Sufjan Stevens

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but michaelfredman was first  

Just beautiful.   9

abigail.deeks 17 Feb 2015

New Sufjan is my new Sufjam.

michaelfredman 16 Feb 2015

fuck me i'm falling apart

gogolizer 26 Jul 2015

Lovely, always, to hear Sufjan's voice and an acoustic. And Lent, I guess, a good time to release a song with a title like this...! (Though lyrics are impenetrable as ever, so who knows what's going on here??)   1

markcmphillips 25 Feb 2015

This year will mark 10 years of Illinois album. But his new stuff sounds just as good.   1

doqtor 16 Feb 2015

The new Elliott Smith? Superb album

kwest1969 6 May 2015