Should Have Known Better by Sufjan Stevens

“physically unable to get sick of this album”

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physically unable to get sick of this album

HayleyLeier 13 Sep 2015

~be my remedy, be my fantasy~

glampede 8 Jun 2015

"my brother had a daughter; the beauty that she brings, illumination"

alice_renee 20 Jul 2015

Am liking the new Sufjan just fine, though I have to admit I miss the fussy compositions of yesteryear.

BrownL04 6 Jul 2015

Never listened to a lot of his stuff, but this has kind of drawn me in.   3

Olimite 26 Mar 2015

I was going to jam the new Death Grips track today but in a typically Death Grips move, the first minute of the official video for that is just a man smoking an e-cigarette. Better stick with something a bit more TIMJ-friendly...   2

thesunneversets 16 Mar 2015