The Only Thing by Sufjan Stevens

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but ayasama was first  

Soofieyarn in take-no-prisoners EMOTIONAL WRECKAGE MODE. Should come with a warning or something.

rossco 4 Aug 2015

Sweet and heartbreaking. Worth reading the story behind the music

michaelfredman 9 Jun 2015

Everything I feel returns to you somehow.

ayasama 11 Mar 2015

It's funny, I'm having pretty much the exact same journey with this album as with Adz: 1. Listen to album a few times, leave kind of confused and disappointed.  2. See Sufjan tour in support of the album, almost cry.  3. Listen a few more times.  4. EVERY SONG IS THE BEST EVER   2

josh3 21 May 2015

Goodbye @ThisIsMyJam

dawsonsweek 20 Sep 2015

It's not often a perfect album comes out. Go grab Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens - beautiful and edgy, it's a challenging, rewarding listen.   2

joeldurhamjr 31 Mar 2015