You Are The Blood by Sufjan Stevens

Cheesegod’s jam on 15 Jul ’12 and then once after that (See all)

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but salxhart was first  

This track is going to get jammed every couple of months regardless.

jimunwin 17 Jul 2014

I had a wonderful, shuffle, sit-down-and-listen moment earlier when this came on. Been too long since i listened to it...every crazy note does something wonderful to me! :)

lucyannunwin 8 Jan 2015

Listening to the new album reminded me of an old favorite.

quandoparamucho 31 Mar 2015

I'd forgotten how good this Sufjan track is from the Dark Was The Night compilation. (very, very good)   1

davidemery 14 Sep 2015

Do you like goosebumps with your music? Do you like several changing flavours of goosebump?   1

jimunwin 13 Aug 2013

Dark was the night, bright was the morning. "You are the choir in which I dream, In which I sleep, in which I wander." Best played LOUD.

dreamfeeel 3 Feb 2014