Frankie Teardrop by Suicide

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but kotgb was first  

Dream, baby

annkpowers 12 Jan 2014

pioneers of synth pop, industrial rock and post-punk.   7

TomSchneitter 2 Nov 2013

gearing up for Halloween   4

mlong3rdfl 20 Oct 2012

#bestshowforlife   1

IlllllllllllllI 18 Dec 2013

Nick Hornby described this as something you'd only ever want to listen to once, whereas Bruce Springsteen considered this to be one of the most amazing records he'd ever heard. With that in mind its not difficult to work out where his 'inhuman screams' on State Trooper emanated from. Its that terrifying, I couldn't not jam it.   9

lukestevo26 15 Mar 2014

Listen alone, in the dark, if you dare   2

Sketchartist 8 Nov 2013