The Mending of the Gown by Sunset Rubdown

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"She had a name/She had a spirit/She had a line in the play/If you waited to hear it…"

gracelilacwine 25 Oct 2014

I have lusted after you, the way bloodsuckers do!

megshian 21 Jun 2013

hi this is my favorite song of the last 5+ years

spacecow 14 Feb 2012

*P*H*A*N*T*A*S*M*A*G*O*R*I*A*   5

parafoxa 30 Apr 2014

Unlikely to be on the scon karaoke list which is a shame since I ACTUALLY KNOW THE WORDS TO THIS ONE

rocketeer 22 Feb 2013

For Maggie, and for Sam.

oldseacaptain 22 Dec 2014