Juxtaposed With U by Super Furry Animals

“SFA usually go over my head, but I am always pleased to hear this.”

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SFA usually go over my head, but I am always pleased to hear this.

milesmendoza 5 Dec 2013

It's easy when you know how To get along without biff, bang, pow And if I see that you're fed up I'll stop and give you a leg up. Thanks for the music everyone. Peace.#sharethemusicyoulove #SFAOK #BlackLivesMatter   3

eyespyhifi 26 Sep 2015

...And my last jam will be Super Furry Animals' "Juxtaposed With U"

BruteSaySay 23 Sep 2015

Mike's Music Interview Archive: Guto Pryce of Super Furry Animals. So it's Welsh week, I guess--? The long-lived psyche-prog-punk outfit (I think of them as the Flaming Lips of Wales) is always interesting, and this was a fun interview...way back in 2002...they put on a pretty ridiculously elaborate A/V show too: http://triblive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/ae/music/s_93200.html#axzz3mWWTuv00   2

vomitsunami 23 Sep 2015

I realised the other day, in my whole Jam career, although I live in Wales, I have never posted anything by a Welsh band. What's that all about?! So yeah, that ends now with these guys. Better chuck some Welsh in before this lovely site gets archived. PS: Look me up on LetsLoop. (Same username)

robyncullwick 17 Aug 2015


Taikonaut 23 Dec 2011